The Healer

And He [Jesus] went down to Capernaum…teaching…and they were astonished…for His word possessed Authority…And…there was a man who had…an unclean demon, and he cried out…But Jesus rebuked him…he came out…having done him no harm…And reports about Him went out into every place…And He [Jesus]…entered Simon’s house… Simon’s mother-in-law was ill…He stood over her and rebuked the fever… she rose and began to serve them…all those who had any who were sick…He laid His hands on every one of them and healed them. And demons…came out of many, crying…because they knew that He was the Christ.

Luke 4:31-41

After the people at Nazareth tried to kill Jesus, He went to Capernaum, Peter’s hometown. There, Jesus taught in the synagogue, amazing the people with the Authority of His teaching. Everywhere people, who heard Jesus preach/teach, were amazed at His words because He spoke with Authority, not like the priests and religious leaders did. Of course, Jesus is God Incarnate and, He speaks as the Holy One of God with the same Authority as the God of the Old Testament did. A demon possessed man was part of the group in the synagogue at Capernaum. The man, under the demon’s influence, cried loudly calling Jesus, the Holy One of God. Even the demons knew who Jesus was and, yet, the people were still in the darkness of their sin and misery, unable to discern the Light that had come to them. As Jesus rebuked and drove out the demon from the man, the people were, again astonished at His abilities, speaking with Authority and, now, exorcising demons from humans! Reports of Jesus’ mighty works spread throughout Galilee. After the synagogue events, Jesus enters Peter’s house, which we learn later becomes sort of a headquarters for Jesus’ earthly ministry. Upon learning of Peter’s mother-in-law’s sickness, Jesus heals her and she is able to get right up and prepare a meal for them all. After dinner and, nearing sunset, the news that had spread about Jesus saw many people in the region come to Capernaum with the sick and afflicted, including the demon possessed, for Jesus to heal them. Luke tells us that Jesus “laid His hands on every one of them.” And, to the demons He drove out, He forbade them to say who He was because “they knew He was the Christ.” We serve a mighty God, Christians! Our Creator demonstrates His Authority over His creation and creatures. There is nothing He cannot do! Let us praise and glorify Him now and into eternity!!

Source: S C Ball






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