Call to Macedonia

And they went through the region of Phrygia and Galatia, having been forbidden by the Holy Spirit to speak the word in Asia.

Acts 16:6-10

In this incident, we see the Apostle Paul being supernaturally guided by the Holy Spirit by being blocked from going one direction, then another direction and, finally, a vision given to Paul of a man calling for Paul to come to Macedonia. Paul concluded from the vision that God was leading him and the others to preach the gospel in Macedonia. So, they immediately sought passage to Macedonia. Christ is the Head of His Church. He actively leads His people in the ways they should go and He directs their footsteps in the paths they are to travel. That is what we learn from these few verses today. The Bride of Christ has grown tremendously since this time but, it is still the Church of our Savior and Lord Jesus. Christians, today, are “lead” similarly by the Holy Spirit into whatever our Lord needs them to do. A growing problem for Christians today is that Christians do not cultivate their faith in ways that allow them to perceive the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Reading the Holy Bible is the main way to cultivate one’s faith and to sensitize one’s spirit to the leading of God the Holy Spirit. Christians today are less knowledgeable of God’s Word than just a generation ago. Apostasy easily makes its way into many Christians without their even understanding that it is deadly. Paul wrote about a “great falling away” of the church near the time of Christ’s return. Paul was writing of an apostate church that will be present when Christ comes and finds no faith in Him on the earth. Let all Christians consider the depth of each one’s faith in Christ and become more sensitive the Holy Spirit at work in their lives so that we may become a more effective “worker” in God’s vineyards and fields that are ripe for harvest.

Source: S C Ball July 11, 2023