Lydia’s Conversion

So, setting sail from Troas…from there (Neapolis) to Philippi…We remained in this city some days.

Acts 16:11-15

Paul, Silas and, Timothy travelled from Asia Minor to Macedonia which is north of Greece. There were not enough Jews in Philippi to have a synagogue there and Luke tells us that Paul went to a place, on the Sabbath, where there was a place of prayer near the riverside. We learn of a woman named Lydia, from Thyatira (in Asia Minor), who operated a business selling purple goods and, who was a worshipper of God. Philippi was a leading city in this Roman Colony of Macedonia. That means there were many Roman citizens living there and they were buyers of purple goods that Lydia sold. Purple was quite difficult to obtain for it came from small sea creatures and it took a lot of effort to process it. So, Lydia was a successful businesswoman in Philippi and she worshipped God. She was part of the group of women gathered at the riverside on this day Paul came to them. As Paul spoke to the group of the gospel, the Lord opened Lydia’s heart to the message of redemption Paul preached. Lydia became a Christian that day, was baptized and pleaded with Paul and his friends to stay at her place while they were in Philippi. Thus, began the church at Philippi and it became one the great churches of Europe in Paul’s day. Paul loved this church and wrote one of his most praiseworthy epistles to them. Throughout the millennia since, God has always had a people like the Christians at Philippi for it is the people, godly people, who make up a church. Even today, we are not without our citadels of Christian worship in the world. Are you a part of such a church? Are you active in it? If so, you are truly blessed!

Source: S C Ball July 12, 2023