Laying A Good Foundation

Therefore, let us leave the elementary doctrine of Christ and go on to maturity…

Hebrews 6:1-12

Having chastised his readers for their spiritual immaturity previously, the author of Hebrews, in today’ verses, writes, “Let us leave the elementary doctrine of Christ and go on to maturity.”  The author knew there is always room for growth in the Christian life. He was committed to guiding them out of their spiritual slump by walking alongside them, as it is with all faithful pastors. The author does not tell us to forget or abandon the basics of the faith, for he describes “elementary doctrine” as a “foundation.” In construction, one builds on the foundation. Likewise, we build on the basics of the Christian faith. Let’s look at five basic doctrines that form the foundation of the Christian faith. First, we cannot grasp “the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment” unless we know that Christ is the first-fruits of the resurrection and the One who saves us from the God’s wrath to come. Second, true “repentance from dead works” and “faith toward God” require at least the understanding that Jesus is the only way to God. Third, “washings” refers to baptism into Christ, being signed and sealed with water according to Christ’s command points to the reception of the Holy Spirit. Reconciliation to God, eternal life through faith in Christ alone, regeneration by the Holy Spirit leading to repentance; these do not exhaust the Christian faith, but they are foundational to it. A safe and stable building must have a solid foundation and so must our faith. Without a stable foundation in doctrines such as reconciliation to God in Christ, the final judgment, the work of the Holy Spirit, etc., any attempt to build ourselves up spiritually will not succeed. If we lack a good grasp of the foundational elements of the Christian faith revealed in Scripture, we must take the time to study them.

Source: S C Ball April1, 2024


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